Susie Krandel, RN, FMCHC

Susie joined The Center for Advanced Metabolic & Functional Medicine in 2014. Since then, she has become an integral part of our practice. Susie has learned to blend her decades of experience as a Registered Nurse with her passion for health & wellness to become our own Functional Medicine & Lifestyle Coach! Susie herself has her own journey story into this profession & into her current way of life, impelling her to empower others in finding their own personalized success!

Susie has an extensive list of credentials & qualifications that she has learned to merge into her coaching style. Susie is an ICF accredited coach from iPEC, obtained a certification in plant-based cooking (including experience teaching private classes), and attended the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Certification Program (IFMCP). Susie also spent time as a student of Anthony Robbins & Jack Canfield (Break Through to Success) to study life-changing transformation techniques and has obtained the level of master practitioner from the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Center of New York. Susie loves to travel and has spent time exploring the world. While in India, Susie studied meditation and laughter yoga and furthered her learning of spirituality and self-growth. Susie is a lifetime learner and continues to incorporate new ideas and techniques to help patients explore what may be blocking their personal growth & wellness goals.

Susie herself has had her own transformation after two decades of suffering from a chronic autoimmune disease. The healing she has experienced has created a passion within her for coaching & healing of others. Cumulatively, as a result of her own personal experience, her wide array of knowledge, and her constant desire to learn, Susie has been able to develop a magical partnership with our patients, and help countless individuals gain clarity & insight into their own healing & wellness journey.

When she isn’t developing her knowledge & learning through conferences & seminars, Susie can be found enjoying music, theater, movies, and dining at her favorite destination in NYC-Candle Cafe.

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