Liliana Bussin, CHC, IIN

Lilly joined Advanced Metabolic & Functional Medicine Center in June of 2018. Lilly coaches patients on how to create a healthy lifestyle and make healthy choices to lead a thriving life. Her motto is, “It all has to do with a lifestyle designed for your unique body and developing healthy habits.” During your sessions, Lilly will inspire your hope and imagination and instill a love of learning. Her mission is to encourage the concept of “You are what you eat” in the minds of all – especially children and families.

Lilly is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Cooking Instructor, RRCA Running Coach, and Children’s Yoga Instructor. Lilly’s passion for continuous growth continues as she is currently enrolled at the Institute of Functional Medicine and is expected to graduate in 2020. Lilly has an education in various coaching methods for transformation and growth. She has learned how to take a holistic approach to manage and create a lifestyle that works for the individual. When Lilly is not in the medical practice, she teaches healthy nutrition, cooking classes, yoga and meditation skills to children in various schools across Union County, NJ. In addition to her two BAs in Communication and Spanish from Rutgers University, Lilly has worked for three leading corporate consumer products companies in New Jersey for 15+ years. With her extensive corporate experience, Lilly coaches many patients on how to balance work and play with a healthy approach.

As a mother, Lilly understands the vital importance of health for you and your family. She has two children and is managing multiple food allergies in her household. Because of these restrictions, she has mastered a new way to cook and enjoy food, becoming the “allergy-friendly guru” at her practice. Lilly is familiar with over 100 dietary theories from around the globe, and she specializes in dairy-free and allergy-friendly living. She gained an in-depth education while studying with some of the world’s leading experts in the health and wellness industry. She believes that it is vital to look at every aspect of our lives that contribute to our overall sense of nourishment and happiness. Environmental stressors also play a crucial role in our daily lives. It is essential to nourish our mind and spirit while we feed our bodies. When “primary foods” like relationships, careers, and spirituality are balanced, what you consume becomes secondary. Lilly will support you to create a healthy life that works best for you.

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