Weight Loss

Discovering the optimal weight loss method for your body is an important aspect of good health and a road towards sustainable well being.

Functional Medicine believes in a patient specific approach. Each person’s genetics & environmental factors can greatly affect metabolism and nutrient absorption. The same way we believe in treating the person rather than merely the illness, we also believe that diet and nutrition should be tailored to each patient’s unique needs. There is no one perfect diet that is right for everybody, however, many of us can benefit immediately by eliminating several key factors from our daily life.

So what is the connection with weight loss and the rest of our body?

Our bodies were designed to eat and digest real food. When you eat a diet full of processed, nutrient poor, calorie dense, or refined sugar foods that are ridden with toxic chemicals, you can wreak havoc on the rest of our body systems. These toxins can affect your digestive health, immune system, hormone regulation, mood, and brain function, while causing you to gain weight. As these chemicals and sources of inflammation continue to exist inside your body, disease will start to manifest and may cause both acute and chronic health conditions to form.

At Advanced Metabolic & Functional Medicine Center, we offer a patient-specific, individualized approach to identify the root cause of weight issues for our patients. By identifying specific environmental, lifestyle, and nutrition recommendations for each of our patients, our team will work to examine ALL the body systems that may be contributing in order to achieve your optimum weight and your highest level of functional health.

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey Back To Health

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