Sheila P. Villanueva

Sheila started working with the Advanced Metabolic and Functional Medicine Center in August 2018. She earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from the Philippines. She had years of experience working as a General Physician in her home country before migrating to the U.S. Upon moving, she worked as an assistant in an Internal Medicine office for 6 years.

She believes it was serendipitous that she stumbled upon the AMFM Center when she was already feeling the limitations of conventional medicine. For her, the root-cause-resolution- approach of Functional Medicine makes better sense than the usual symptoms-based strategy. Sheila is dedicated to making patients feel that they are being heard and that each aspect of their lives is important in order for the AMFM team to give them the best care that they deserve.This is the kind of approach she wishes to instill into her medical practice once she completes her US medical licensure.

Sheila also supports a healthy lifestyle by choosing organic produce to feed her family. Her weekends are filled with family activities for her 2 kids – she is a proud soccer & volleyball mom. Sheila’s other interests include reading historical romance novels and listening to alternative music. She is a member of the Filipino Choir at St. Philomena’s Church in Livingston, NJ.

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